Q. How do you choose the products on your website?

Frequently . Asked . Questions

Q. Will the items I order arrive to me safely?

Q. Do you sell products wholesale?

We currently do not provide wholesale product services. If we do provide such services in the future, we will post details on our Information page.

Q. Do you offer coupons or other discounts?

Q. Where do your products come from?

YES!! We have a coupon to fit almost any purchase. We have promotions that never expire, as well as limited discounts that are offered on special occasions. See all of our current coupons on our Special Offers page. Follow us on Twitter for notifications on all of our discounts and specials!

We have discounts on shipping prices for both USA and International customers. USA shipping is always a flat-rate of just $3.95 for any order... unless you spend $50 or more, then shipping is automatically FREE (no code or action needed!) We also offer International Discount shipping rates :)

Q. How long has your company been in business?

We think of our shop as a finely curated boutique, meant to showcase products that are important to kawaii collectors, as well as the customer just looking for something cute. We choose our products based on quality, brand, current popularity and trends, as well as our own interest. Our selection includes over 1,500 unique products. Our goal is to provide an amazing selection that USA customers can purchase quickly for very little shipping cost, as well as providing a unique selection to International customers at reduced INTL shipping prices.

If you have a suggestion for a product or brand that you would like us to carry in our shop, please email us!

Sure! Contact us at contact@kawaiidepot.com with your blog or website info and your press kit info (where applicable). If you would like to host a giveaway of our products, please contact us and tell us about your website/company, provide links to your social media, and also please list the products from our site that you are interested in for your review or giveaway.

Q. Your website is safe, right?

We have great professional relationships with wholesale providers from around the world!

Our San-x products come from a licensed San-x wholesaler in USA that imports the products directly from San-x in Japan. We choose the products we order directly from the San-x wholesale catalogs that are provided to us by San-x Co. We choose primarily products that are stationery and /or office supply related. The products are shipped to our distributor directly from San-x Japan, then sent our way to California.  All of our San-x products are 100% authentic!

Our Shinzi Katoh products are shipped directly to us from Shinzi Katoh in Japan. We have an amazing relationship with the company and they provide us with all of the stationery products we need, along with the best customer service of any stationery co./wholesale provider (we seriously love this company).

All of our Shinzi Katoh products are 100% authentic!

Our Sanrio products come from licensed distributors. We carry both Sanrio License and Sanrio Original items. We realize, as collectors ourselves, that is very important to be be aware of which type of product you are purchasing. We label EVERY Sanrio product we sell as either Sanrio License or Sanrio Original in the item's online description, so buyers know which type of product they are buying :)

Our Jetoy products come directly from Jetoy Co. in Korea. We have a lovely business relationship with our contacts at Jetoy and love to receive all of their newest stationery products and accessories as they become available. Our Jetoy Korea products are 100% authentic!

Our Fancy Brands (Q-lia, Kamio, Crux, Mind Wave, Pool Cool) as well as our Korean Stickers (Funny World brand) come from an established kawaii distributor of Japanese & Korean products. All Fancy Brand items are 100% authentic. All items are Made in Japan, with the exception of some stickers. Recently many Japanese brands have out-sourced their sticker production to China. While these items are absolutely Brand Authentic, they are not made in Japan. All Korean sticker sheets are Made in Korea.

Our Iwako Erasers come from the #1 licensed distributor and importer of Iwako products. All Iwako products we sell are 100% authentic and made in Japan. We purchase every new Iwako series as it becomes available, in order to provide our customers with the best selection possible for their eraser collections.

Our main focus is authentic Japanese & Korean Stationery, but we also love many other brands and designs, as long as it is cute and paper! We have wholesale relationships with and carry products from Tokidoki Italy and Rifle Paper Co. (Florida, USA). As always, all products are 100% authentic!

The Cute and The Cheap: We carry some cute, inexpensive stationery products and accessories that are non-brand and come from Japan, Korea, USA, or China. These are fun products that are great for using in day-to-day projects, such as planning, writing notes, or just sending something sweet to a friend! These products include sticky notes, memo flags, gel pens, some postcards, some washi tapes, etc. If an item is "non-brand", it is designed and/or produced in one of the countries previously listed.

We are located in Northern California, USA, near the Sacramento/San Francisco area.

Do you have any questions for Kawaii Depot?  Contact us here!

Absolutely. Our website is protected through SSL encryption via GoDaddy and Starfield Technologies. Our certificate covers all of our sites (our main site as well as our mobile site).  We never share or store ANY payment or personal information and no information is shared with any third parties. Our credit card processor, Intuit QuickBooks, does not share or store any customer information. We are also in PCI Compliance.

What is PCI?
PCI plays a critical role when it comes to safeguarding sensitive cardholder data. To help reduce credit card fraud and security breaches, the five major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB) established Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations. We are required to comply with these regulations to help lower the risks of payment data compromises. Our website is scanned for PCI compliance on a frequent and regular basis and passes the scan each time. View our Privacy Policy here.

YES!! (baring a very rare incident involving the postal carrier). As stationery collectors ourselves, we understand  the importance of carefully packaging all items for safe shipping. We use sturdy backing boards and cellophane to package EVERY order, as well as bubble wrap or a padded envelope, depending on order contents and package type.

Our goal is to provide collectible products that arrive to our customers in original collectible condition.

Kawaii  Depot

Q. Why stationery.... Why "kawaii"?

Q. Where is your company located?

Because it makes us happy!! The founders of Kawaii Depot Stationery Supply both started out as kawaii stationery collectors long before our company was founded. We immersed ourselves in the world of Japanese stationery and learned as much as possible about the brands, styles, and history associated with it. We love paper products and office supplies because they are useful as well as adorable. We love the world of kawaii because of its' focus on happiness, cuteness.. and food with faces! We enjoy being able to spread happiness around the world with each package of cute stationery we send.

Q. Can I review your products for my website or blog?

Q. When can I expect to receive my order?

Our company was founded in 2009 and our website launched in 2010.

Per our Order Policy, all orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the date the order was placed. Most USA customers receive their package in less than one week from when their order was placed, and often within a few days! We always send a shipping confirmation email with order tracking info when your package has shipped. We ship all packages via USPS (unless the customer chooses our UPS shipping option during checkout).